Mostrando entradas de junio, 2011

Looking Back...

To me one of the great irony's of mission work, is that when you have lots to write home about, you lack the time. So has been the last 6 months. We started training our staff team to lead the DTS on January 2nd, and it feels like we have been on a 100 mile and hour ride that we just managed to get off of.

This last Sunday we had the change to share at Gamboa Union Church about our outreach. It was a good opportunity for me to reflect back a little on all that was accomplished.

As we heard the many testimonies of the students; what they learned, how they saw God work, new insights, amazing experiences, one in particular really stuck out to me.

Yariani is 18 years old, just finished her highschool (she went through our program for indigenous youth). She and Alex are cousins on both sides (they share both mother's and father's last names). She can at times be moody, hard to get along with, and doesn't mind letting you know her mind. No cultural sensitivity here. But I h…