Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2015

Responding to the Challenges

Last night we sat in the small living room listening to our three new DTS staff (Yery, Yessy and Laura for those who know them) tell about what it had been like for them to lead the DTS this last month.  After completing their own YWAM training this past February, they were ready and willing to take it a step further and lead others into the same experience they had.
As I heard them share their struggles and victories, I couldn’t help but feel proud of them for taking on this challenge, and for the hours of work they had poured in over the last month.  Most of our small group of students (we have 4 young men as students in this group!) don’t have the funding they need to complete the training, although we have made cost as low as we possibly can.
So at the beginning of the week, Yery shared with us that the small funds were running out and she didn’t know how we were going to have lunches for this week, let alone travel next week to receive classes in another town (we will be staying…

Raising our family amidst poverty

Today was Sunday and we were at our local Indigenous church.  As we walked into church it was obvious today was going to be another hot one.  The gathered congregation sat on an assortment of plastic chairs.  Looking around, there was a stark difference to what you would find in most church buildings in the US. 
                The floor is rough cement. The walls are not quite finished.  There are no “comforts”: no bathrooms, no foyer to hang out in, no carpeted area to let your kids crawl.  There is no nursery, no coffee area or comfy seats.  Just a small group of believers in a big cement building trying to do church.
                The prayers and songs are heartfelt if not quite in key.  People listen carefully to the Bible reading and teaching, trying to tune out the noise of the toddlers running circles around the room, and ignore the dog that has wandered in.
                It is obvious that this congregation does not live in the land of “abundance”. Part …