Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2012

Returning and readjusting

After being amazingly blessed by our friends and family in Oregon, it was time to return home to Panama.

The prep began last week as we packed the suit cases on by one, carefully weighing each on, deciding what to bring and what to leave.  Fifty pounds doesn't seem like much when you are traveling with the whole family. 

There is never time enough to do all you want to do before saying good bye again, never time enough to spend with family, to say all that you want to say. So at some point you have to accept that time is limited and we can only do what we can do.

The night before leaving we stayed up late fighting with our suitcases and the scale, making sure that none of our bags would go over. The morning we left I enjoyed one last hot shower, one last meal at my parent's house, one last conversation.

Everything tightly packed into my parent's car, we headed out for the airport.  Traveling on Halloween, the girls got given candy everywhere we went.  Our funny flight sch…