Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2011

It's more blessed to give...

Saturday afternoon found us right on time for a rainy season down pour. We were at the shores of the Chagres River, right where it opens into the Canal.The opposite side of the river was shrouded by a blanket of white.The roar of the rain wiped out all other noises.

Thankfully, this downpour also found us under a roof.We were waiting for a boat to cross over to the community of San Antonio.We waited, wondering how anyone would venture out into the rain.Slowly, a canoe came around the bend of the wide river, revealing two men on their feet, rowing towards us.Alex's Dad had come to get us.He and the other oarsman were soaking wet.

"Now that's love." commented Alex, as the canoe touched land.After scooping out a good amount of water, we carefully embarked.I couldn't help but noticing the large hole in the front of the canoe. I have traveled in the same canoe many times, but I don't remember the hole in the front looking that big.

"It's safe Alex, righ…

A visit to San Antonio

This past Wednesday Abigail, Carolyn and I were visiting San Antonio. Our friends Chris and Vanessa Collins had a visiting group who wanted to learn more about how YWAM is reaching out to indigenous groups in Panama. Abigail was motivated by the fact that we would get to see "Abuela" and "Tatooi" (grandma and grandpa). Carolyn just wants to make sure she is going wherever we are going. It was a sunny day as we crossed the Chagres River where it opens in the Panama Canal. Our driver, Alex's cousin, manuvered through the water plants, and brought us up to the slightly sinking dock. Abigail and Carolyn ran up the give Abuela hugs, since she was waiting at the dock for us. The Collin's visiting group enjoyed the visit, and a taste of Indigenous culture. I tried to sum up in 20 minutes or so the work we have been doing with the indigenous and also what our vision is for the futre. This was much easier since Alex and I have been working or family mi…