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English class and other things

Two weeks ago I started a small English class.My idea was to use the class, something people wereinterested in, as a way to serve the church in a practical way and get to know people in the process.We are now half way through our one month course, and I believe we are accomplishing those goals.

My class started out as a mixture of adults, teenagers and children.I had originally planned the class for adults and young adults, but allowed the children to enter as a concession.Unfortunately, just a week into our time, most of the adults were pulled away by the tragic death of a family member in their home village.Many went to the funeral, others were busy hosting family who had travelled out from the village.Any money that would have gone to cover the small fee we charged for the class was needed elsewhere. (it was suggested to us by those in the church that charge a small fee to add formality to the course and avoid a hand-out mentality)

So, for the last two classes, only the children h…