Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2012

Thoughts on a crisp fall day

I sit today in surroundings far different from “home”.Outside I can hear the sound of my dad cutting firewood with the chainsaw.It’s a crisp fall afternoon in Oregon, a great day for picking wild black berries, a day for my daughters to play with cousins, and have some apple cider and sweet corn.
Our minds stray often to our little house in Panama, our Wounaan neighbors, and our hopes for the months ahead.It’s also been a great time to reflect back on the months since moving to Chepo and the time we have shared with the Wounaan there.
One of my favorite things has been getting to share in the lives of the families there. As I have shared with the women who make up the congregation, gotten to know the children, as Alex has shared with the men and seen up close the challenges facingthe young people, our vision has grown greatly for what God wants to do among the Wounaan.
I love to come to church a Sunday morning and find all the children dressed for church and sitting in a circle, waiting …