Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2013

Overwelmed.... in a good way.

Overwelmed. That describes our experience this last weekend in many ways. Overwelmed by what God is doing in the lives of Wounaan belivers all over Panama. Overwelmed by the hospitality and generosity of the Wounaan people.  And yes, tired as well.

We started out on Thursday of last week, waiting at the port of Coquira. Soon our captain arrived and the process began of buying the gasoline, and waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive.  Meanwhile the girls and I enjoyed a breakfast of fried tortillas and beef at a small restaurant.

Soon everyone arrived, including our team from YWAM Chiriqui, and the boat was loaded.  We headed out down the Bayano River, only to realize that our motor was too small for the weight.  So we turned around again and switched out with a friend's larger boat and motor.  And we were off again! 

The day was sunny and we covered ourselves as much as we could. The wind was low and we made good progress.  About four hours later, just at the day was cooling …

Reaching out to Wounaan Youth

Once a year the Iglesia Evangelica Unida (Wounaan churches) gets together for a weekend event, featuring teaching, fellowship and planning.Last year Alex attended alone as it was being held in a village near the Colombian border, and recent confrontations with the Colombian FARC made it unsafe for me to attend.
This year we plan on attending as a family, as the event will be held in a coastal community which we have visited before.Alex is heading up the planning team for youth activities during the event.They hope to combine sports and outreach for the young people who attend, and are encouraging young people from Wounaan villages all over Panama to make the trip.
We will be traveling out on February 14th, and spending the weekend in the community of Maje, along the Pacific coast.Its past the village of Platanares, a trip of about 7 hours total by boat.Besides looking forward to a time of ministry to Wounaan young people, it’s also a key time for net-working with other Wounaan communiti…

January: come and gone

(Our recent team from YWAM Chiriqui)

It seems as though I blinked my eyes and January was gone.It went by in a flurry of activity for us.At the beginning of the month we welcomed our good friends and fellow missionaries Steve and Malana Ganz, who will be living in Panama this month and working alongside us from April on.The day after an all-Panamanian team from YWAM Chiriqui.After three weeks of ministry with the team, they moved on to another location, while yet another team (also from YWAM Chiriqui) arrived.
Perhaps you will forgive me for the infrequent updates now.J
While very busy, this past month has also been rewarding.The day before we received the call letting us know the YWAM Chiriqui team would arrive, a vacation Bible school for the children at the local church was requested.While I would have loved to say "yes", I knew it would be hard to pull off on my own.The timing of the team’s arrival seemed providencial.The next week we had the Vacation Bible school up and ru…