Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2013

Our learning journey

(photo:enjoying some  of the beautiful artwork of the Saanich people on Vancouver Island)

"It's too cold here, let's go back to Chepo." our three year old daughter announced after we had taken a trip through Idaho and Montana.  I think it was the first time in her life she had encountered below freezing temperatures, so I don't blame her!
I too am eager to return to our little house in Panama. Not so much for the heat, but because of our sense of anticipation for what God will do in this coming year.
Many people were understandable puzzled about us taking a trip to visit Native American communities in the Northwest. Don't we work in Panama?  Are we thinking about moving to the US?
No, we are not thinking of moving. We love working in Panama and don't think God will have us move any time soon. So why are we visiting Native American ministries?
One reason is to learn.  As missionaries, sometimes the obstacles and challenges can seem daunting. So spending t…