Mostrando entradas de agosto, 2011

Iron sharpens iron

Last week our base had the opportunity to host a great team from Vancouver, BC. They came in with lots of energy and passion and definately made an impact. The last evening they were here, we shared a wonderful time of worship and lots of thank-yous were said. The organizer of the group said some very encouraging word and mentioned the passage in the Bible where is says that iron sharpens iron. It's so true. Having groups like them visit is an encouragement to us. They were so excited to be here serving Jesus, it reminds us why we are here.

Please check out this inspiring video of their time here. Thanks!


Simple power

The row of small faces watched Linda intently, the dark brown eyes only leaving her to catch the translation of her story. Behind them, several adults with babies listened as well. I tried to take them all in as I translated, letting them know the story was for them as well.

At the end of the row sat Abigail and Carolyn, also intent on the story of a man who disobeyed God and got eaten by a large fish. Pretty impacting.

When Linda got out the paper and showed them how to make a simple origami whale, the children eagerly took the sheets of light blue paper. Soon the mothers with babies came forward, apparently wanting to make one for their child. Amusingly, the men were not far behind, wanting to make one themselves. A gruff 60-year-old had to come closer to see how the folds were to be made.

The dirt floor became a seat and the wooden bench a table. Markers came out, and the whales were decorated with scary large teeth (by the men) and flowers (by the little girls).

As we mounted th…