Mostrando entradas de agosto, 2013

Snapshots of the last few weeks

Today I wanted to share moments that are snapshots of what we have been up to:

Sharing with friends:

A couple with their 1 year old son showed up at our house just as we were getting home from visiting another family.  We sat in our living room sharing a snack and talking about their experiences.  When we moved to Chepo a year and a half ago, Alex determined to get to know this family who had no interest in Christianity. He started visiting their home from time to time, just to chat. Sometimes we would go over as a family.  Eventually we shared some meals together, and trust was built.  Then one day we were surprised to see them in the evening church service.  We had never brought up the subject of church attendance or pressured them about their relationship with God.  They asked us to pray when the wife was sick.  Then, that evening, they shared their whole journey with us, honestly talking about their mistakes, and where they hope to go for now.  Their family has changed.