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Generosity, part 2

In the last entry I wrote about Papo and Linda. Let me tell you a little more of their story.

The next time we saw Papo he showed up at our house wanted to chat with Alex. They talked for a long time into the evening, and at the end of the conversation, Papo had shared they he and Linda wanted to join as YWAM volunteers, and participate as students in our DTS next year.  That was great news! It was even better to see how excited Papo was about the opportunity to serve and to grow as a person.

The first YWAM meeting that they attended, they brought a little bag of groceries that they wanted to donate for the next family who would benefit. Papo began sharing about what God had been speaking to him. Suddenly he has been aware of all the people around him who need to experience God's love, and is passionate about wanting to do something about that.

Talking to him is like having a conversation with someone who has been asleep for a long time and had suddenly awakened. He is excited ab…


We arrived at Papo and Linda's house in the late afternoon, and approached the doorway, calling out, "Buenas!", since doors are rarely closed in the Panama heat.
The small structure seemed to sag as if tired of staying together.  The mismatched boards left gaps, and as we ducked into the house, the only light was a small bulb  hanging from an extension cord in the middle of the living room/kitchen.  A small bench provided the only seating, and was immediately offered to us as the guests.  We sat down, and leaned back a little against the inside wall, only to find that it wasn't so sturdy, we quickly sat up straight again.  We began to chat with our hosts, while some coffee was put on.
We had been asked there to pray for Linda, who has been experiencing health problems that the doctors hadn't been able to solve for her.  We listened to their story, then spent quite awhile praying for her.
Our next visit was to deliver a small donation of groceries that our YWAM te…