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Time to Remember

So, October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.
I was reading on Facebook the experiences of other moms who had suffered a miscarriage and suddenly I felt this burning need to write about MY experience.  October 19th marks exactly 4 years since we lost a tiny baby that we had very much wanted.
I had a few people around me allow me to talk about it with out judgement or embarrassment, but most people either didn't want to talk about it, or didn't know how to.   So many things stayed in my heart, burning and hurting and waiting to come out.

So I decided to let some of them out here.
We found out we were pregnant while visiting back in Oregon. It was not totally expected, but not totally unexpected either.  Carolyn was 2 1/2, Abigail was 4 1/2. It seemed like perfect timing, the girls would have their next birthday before our baby was born.
I wasn't nearly as sick with this pregnancy as I was with the others.  But I still didn't feel great, and I had no energy.  …