Two halves of my life

Typical to the Oregon coast, the afternoon was cool and breezy. None of the kids were really dressed for it, as my sister and I watched them explore the wonders of the piles of driftwood.

My sister Sarah and her kids were out visiting for some rare time for the sister (and cousins) to catch up with each other.  As I sat with Lucy in the sand, Sarah brought over a beautiful rock she had found.  As I admired it, and she went off to find something else beautiful, suddenly we were kids again.  I remembered a hundred outings as kids, exploring a creek, hiking, camping up near Mt. Hood.  My mom still picks up pretty rocks when she goes places.  Abigail and I have started collecting heart shaped rocks where ever we go.

My sister and I are moms now, carrying the weight of responsibility, tired from babies waking us, working long hours, worrying about whether we are doing a good job.  It's almost impossible to get a quiet moment to just talk, unless the kids have found something to occupy them.

This year, 2016, marks 18 years in Panama for me. I was just 18 when I moved to Panama. I had no idea what lay ahead.  18 years in Oregon growing up. 18 years in Panama: learning to serve, getting married, having kids, learning to love another land.

Now I am here, straddling two halves of my life.  My childhood memories all around, yet everything is different. I am different.

This anniversary of my time in Panama feels different.  It feels significant.  Complete somehow.  I came to Panama for 5 months, and have stayed for 18 years.  What surprises lay ahead?


Faithfully Loving Yahweh ha dicho que…
It's it amazing how God works? I pray he'll continue to use you wherever u are.
Caroline Thomas ha dicho que…
How long are you going to be in Oregon? Are you going to be doing any speaking?
Alex Cabezon ha dicho que…
Hi Caroline! Sorry for not responding before. We will be in Oregon until December! We will be speaking this Sunday, the 25th at Covenant Community Church in Manzanita. I will let you know if we plan on speaking anywhere else.

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